My Own Christmas Meaning

We have created a children’s Christmas book derived from “A visit from St. Nicholas” that seeks to inspire to give rather than to get, and motivate the family and community bond throughout Christmas and beyond. Christmas is normally a time of indulgence but can also be a time to share with those less fortunate. Each copy costs £10 and all proceeds from book sales will be split between our 4 partner charities.

You can buy the book here or find out more about it below.

The Project

The aim of this project is two fold. Create a beautifully illustrated book that would inspire children to look beyond the commercial element of Christmas and inspire qualities of caring and charitable giving.

At the same time we sought to partner with key charities in four different areas that are impacted at Christmas time. These are smaller charities that don’t have much access to promotion and are in great need of support throughout the year but especially at Christmas. Our aim is primarily to raise funds for these charities through the sales of the book but also to shed light on the invaluable work they do.

Written by Christopher Woodhams who brought the concept and team together and is joined by the talented Maria J. Guarda Chilean illustrator based in Cambridge. She studied Graphic Design in Chile and an MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Currently she is finishing her MA in Children’s Book illustration at Cambridge School of Arts. She works freelancer in illustration and design commissions. The team is completed with Daniela who is the senior designer at Granta Publications. She joined Granta in 2011 after finishing her master’s degree in Editorial Design at Central Saint Martins. She is the art director for Granta magazine, where she commissions illustrations and photography. She also designs book covers for Granta and Portobello Books. Daniela is a co-founder of Fotoautomat, an international photography magazine dedicated to the work of emerging photographers.

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Our Partner Charities

Just imagine you are a child who has…

NEVER received a Christmas present
NEVER had a brand new toy
NEVER walked on a beach
NEVER been to a theme park
But you have…

LIVED every day in fear of abuse… and cried yourself to sleep each night.

Each year more than 20,000 children flee domestic abuse to seek sanctuary in refuge. Typically leaving home with only the clothes on their back, these children have experienced physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse and arrive at refuge confused and disorientated.

In collaboration with the Women’s Aid Federation, KidsOut supports these children and thousands of other disadvantaged children, to bring some fun and happiness into their lives when they need it most.

To find out more about the services we provide please visit

Friends of the Elderly believes no older person should feel lonely, with no one to turn to.

Our approach is all about personalising support to the needs of the individual so that each life is fulfilled. We also believe in the value of integrating all we do with local communities. We enrich lives through our befriending and community engagement projects, financial support, care homes and other care services. Visit to find out more.

Emmaus supports more than 750 formerly homeless people across the UK.

We’re different from other homelessness charities as we don’t just offer a bed for the night, we offer a home, meaningful work in a social enterprise, and an opportunity to get back on your feet again.

For many people who have experienced homelessness, loss of self-esteem is the most damaging part of their experience. Belonging to a community and the sense of purpose that comes from having something to do every day can really make a difference.

For more information about Emmaus, visit our website

Over 8 million people in the UK struggle to get enough to eat, but at the same time, 12 million tonnes of food is wasted each year. Many people deal with the devastating impact of loneliness, going from one week to the next without speaking to another person. FoodCycle is a national charity that builds communities through surplus food, volunteers and spare kitchen spaces. We create tasty three-course meals for vulnerable people across the UK, and are united by the simple belief that food waste and food poverty should not co-exist. To find out more and get involved, visit